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Whether you’re looking for an alternate route to overcome disruption or a speedy solution to cater to changes in demand, Magsfreight Air Freight has got you covered. We offer a wide range of services to help you find the ideal solution for time-sensitive cargo. Keep your goods moving with Standard Air Freight, Air Charter and Sea-Air Services.

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Take advantage of getting instant prices on your shipment, browse through an easy to navigate booking interface and even track your goods. All on one, convenient and easy to navigate platform. Booking your shipment with Magsfreight Air Freight has never been so fast and convenient.

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Air Freight

Global demands can change overnight, putting a lot of pressure on your supply chain to deliver. Standard Air Freight comes with a choice of solutions that help you find the ideal combination of speed, cost, and frequency of flights for your supply chain needs.


Priority Air

When time is critical

  • A best-in-class service for your urgent cargo
  • Estimated Airport-to-Airport transit time of 1-3 days

Premium Air

When flexibility is key

  • A premium consolidation service with scheduled departures
  • Estimated Airport-to-Airport transit time of 3-5 days

Economy Air

When price matters

  • Consolidation services with weekly departures
  • Estimated Airport-to-Airport transit time of 5-7 days

Air Charter

Designed for customers who demand specialised air freight services, wherein schedules, cargo size, security and reliability are determined and controlled by you. Magsfreight Air Freight is your one point of contact to deal directly with airlines without any broker involvement, avoiding delays and restricting costs. Get access to customised air freight anywhere across the globe, 24/7.

  • A dedicated team of charter experts
  • 24/7, 365-day service available worldwide
  • Active flight monitoring and proactive status updates
  • Highly customisable solutions designed to perform
  • Service from anywhere to everywhere

Air Charter is best suited for


Odd size cargo


Time-sensitive cargo


Dangerous cargo



Benefit from a more agile supply chain by integrating your ocean shipment with air freight solutions. A powerful combination that helps you reduce costs, save time and even minimise the carbon footprint of your shipments.

  • Reduced transit times (from standard ocean transport)
  • Reduced costs (from standard air freight shipment)
  • Smooth and reliable movement of goods with single-source solutions
  • Full control over shipments with one point of contact
  • Access to Magsfreight global network
  • Effective solution for delayed ocean shipments
  • An option for tight capacity or expensive air freight markets and lanes
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Additional service


Special cargo

Your special cargo has special needs. Whether those involve dismantling, transporting and assembling machines and plants, relocating factories, shipping conventional cargo or heavy and special haulage, our specialists ensure that your projects run smoothly and are completed on schedule.